Rockmelt – browser with Facebook integration

RockMelt is a free social media web browser.


5 comments on “Rockmelt – browser with Facebook integration

    • Thanks for reply. I feel great if it can help you.
      In my opinion, I don’t like such kinds of browser.
      How’s your opinion? Maybe I get too much concern on privacy:)

      • I couldn’t agree more with you — it would be very off putting to say the least.
        I am very privacy concious, so much so, I don’t even have a Facebook account 😉
        Don’t you think that such a browser would almost restrict internet browsing because of the changes at the side (e.g. status, alerts etc.)? People would spend more time on social networks rather than, say, reading the news….

      • Totally agree!!
        Besides of the “slide” issue – your opinion.
        I afraid of the “Rockmelt” keep my personal browsing data, then, sold to other people.
        OR, as I read a book before, google like to keep our personal browsing data. Google may personalise my search result – to fit my “taste”.
        That means I can’t find something that it’s not my “taste”.

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