Concepts: Online Storage with or without WEBDAV(iPad)

Many users like to have an online storage space to keep their files.

Most of them use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. But keynote, pages and numbers for iPad needs to use “save as WEBDAV” as share option. I googled some information about it. I found that the main question is:

” What do you want?”

What’s that means? If you just want to save the files or share, you have at least three ways:

1) Sync to iTunes

2) Print (Airprint) it

3) Open as other apps, like “GoodReader”

If your question is

” I want to save my work and then save to my desktop wirelessly, I really hate to use the cable!”

You have 2 ways:

1) You can save to other apps first, I recommend “GoodReader”,  then open the Goodreader’s wifi-transfer function. Open the browser on your desktop, type the “IP address” provided. Then you can “get” your files wirelessly.

2) Save it to other “online storage account, like Dropbox”. Then the apps of your iPad will sync to your client on your desktop! Of course, wirelessly!

So, How about the function of “WEBDAV”?

The final answer is if you want find a way to keep your files more “secure”. You need this “function”, otherwise, normal online storage services are suitable for you already.

Here I found some information about the online storage with WEBDAV(like OxygenCloud) .

You may check this review, and this review out!

P.S. The Online storage list.


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