Accessing iCloud’s Files and Images on Mac( Updated)

Before use this method , I recommend read this before! Important!!


Many and many peoples use the “iCloud” services. Most of them access the files on APPS, like Keynote and GoodReader. You need to open your APPS and access your work! But, when you back to your MAC, you can’t or difficult to access it. Now, you can access your files in 2 ways:

1) Simple, Clear UI : Plain Cloud

Go to this website to download the application for Mac called “Plain Cloud“.


After you intalled, you can simply found all your Files!

You can find the various applications that using your iCloud file sharing services. For examples: Notes, Keynote, ifiles. Click on this. Now, you can copy, delete the files.

2) No need to install the ANY Apps:

– Firstly, your MAC should be log-in with your iCloud Account.

-Press “Command+Shift+G”, then key in “~/Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement/assets/sub/”, btw, no need to key ” “. Just the word from “~” to “/” .

– In the upper right corner of the Finder window, type some words, then search for “Image” and select “Kind: Image” from the pull down menu

– Clear the search that you type. All your images will appear if you enabled the function of “PhotoStream” on your Mac and IOS devices.

P.S. If you want to more clear steps. You find the posts on osXdaily, the icon master.

P.S. If you change the “kind:image” into “kind:document”. Your files also appear!




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