Webr – create web with iPhone

Webr – You can create your web via iPhone, iPad. No need to sit in front of the desk.

Move everywhere and create everywhere.

Here is part of new functions:

Here’s what’s new functions:

  • Add video clips to your site
  • Add audio clips to your site
  • Add image and text files straight from Dropbox
  • Upload an image for your website logo
  • New themes and filters
  • RSS feed for your blog
  • Option to remove the webr logo
  • New app theme
  • Create a personal profile in your blog
  • Now optimized for the new iPhone5
  • Shortcut keys on the keyboard for efficient markdown text
  • In addition to this, Pro members now can have 3 websites on their account and Business members can have up to 5

Application for Education

I think it is a good tool to let students keep their work. Imagine that students bring with this app to go to outdoor visit. Let them keep what they saw. Take photos, video then use this app to upload it. After back to school, you can get all the “web page” immediately. Cool, isn’t it?


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