Flash Issue on iPad

Flash Issue on iPad , especially in Education situation still an issue faced by teachers.

Here I sum up some methods that hope may help others.

1) Install  Apps on iPad:

Before install APPS on iPad, you should figure out “What type of Flash content do you want to read?”

Flash Video? Flash Games? Flash-based Website?

For Flash Videos, app store have many brand of APPS let you choose.

iSwifter, Flash Video Web Browser, Skyfire Web Browser,  Photon, Puffin Web Browser, Rover

For Flash Games:

Puffin Web BrowserRover

2) Using JavaScript on iPad:

Some website use JavaScript to play Flash on iPad.

Here is the website called “http://iosflashvideo.fw.hu/

This site has step by step tutorial.

3) Jailbreak your iDevices to install “Frash”:

Basically, I don’t recommend this method due to the security reasons.


Application for Education:

I recommend using “Puffin Web Browser” as educational use. Because the performance is the best! Although it costs US$2.99, it worth! Puffin also has FREE version that let you use 14 days and add more 4 weeks by referral. So, it is a good try to test the Flash content especially the Flash games. The second choice is “Rover”. This APPS costs “FREE”. Great to hear for educator. But the performance not as good as Puffin especially when the quality of streaming the Flash content. Educational flash content stills have a great numbers in the internet. Any suggestion about your choice? Please leave your message.


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