Infographic of the Week: How tech savvy are your kids? And how does it make you feel?

The Digital Diva

Being a parent these days I believe is way harder than what my parents had to deal with. It’s like all the normal growing pains of kids is amplified by technology. And I’m not just talking about teenagers because obviously that can be a whole story of its own with drama spread via  social media. Look even younger 6 mos to 5 year olds. So many of these kids are exposed to tablets, computer games, and texting all before they can even crawl! Sure the technology is cool, but does that cripple the growth, and health of kids because maybe their accustomed to choosing a gadget rather than playing a game? The numbers in this infographic reflect the truth and is quite alarming. Nice days seem pretty quiet when their aren’t any kids out playing….

If you’re a parent what do you do for a balance of tech and old school play?

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