Let’s learn Japanese – Online dictionary

RomajiDesu – It’s online Japanese Dictionary. It has four ways to find the meaning:

1) Japanese-Romaji-English dictionary:

e.g. “恋人” – > “こいびとkoibito 【 恋人 】”

2) English Japanese Kanji dictionary

e.g. “For your information” – > “ごさんこうまでgosankoumade 【 ご参考まで 】”

3) Romaji to Hiragana converter

e.g. “koibito” -> “こいびと”

4) Romaji to Katakana converter

e.g. “koibito” -> “コイビト”

RomajiDesu - homeRomajiDesu - translate


Additional functions:

1) Mobile Version: You can use it on your mobile devices.

2) Bookmarklet: Add the button one your browser and look up the word.


Application for Education:

For student self-study to  learn Japanese. How about use it  design the multi-language poster?


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