Google Earth v7 – New Earth New Features

Google Earth launched a new version: Google Earth 7.

Google Earth 7 - home

Base on basic features. Google Earth add an NEW “Tour Guide” for  100,000 tours and 1 million photos.

Mostly, your Google Earth version is 6.0.2


After you installed, you will see the “Tour Guide” blow. Otherwise, you can go to “View” to appear.

How to use:

1) From the beginning, you should choose the right “place” (Tour). For example : India.

Google Earth 7 - Choose Country

2) Google Earth will go there (India) automatically.

3) Choose and Click the place to have a tour. For example: Mountain Everest.

Google Earth 7  -  mountain Everest

4) Video vs Photo:

If you found a “time” displayed on the thumbnail, that means it’s a video tour. Otherwise, it’s a photo to take the right place.

Google Earth 7 - Video and Photo


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