SoShare – File transfer (P2P) by bittorrent

SoShare is a new services powered by bittorrent. Bittorrent provided a great P2P( peer to peer) method to download which is so called “BT”. Now, SoShare make them into web-based file transfer services. It has three advantages:

1) The fle size up to terabyte in size, totally free.

2) Sharing is as easy as email. They get the files, you get a receipt.

3) The SoShare plug-in enables pause/resume and fast transfers.

As refer from Bittorrent Blog, SoShare is used bittorrent web browser plugin to make it happen. So You need to download plugin before you send or receive the files (system will prompt you). The most awesome function is : you can pause and resume the download when you received a “BIG SIZE” file.

SoShare - homeSoShare - plugin_winSoShare  - send fileSoShare  - send file 02SoShare - download option


Read more: Bittorrent Blog, SoShare Blog.




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