Coggle – Beautiful Online MindMap Services

Coggle – It’s an online mindmap service. After you sign in with your google account. You can start to create immediately!

coggle - home

Simple and clear UI let you easy to create a mindmap as you want.

Coggle - reg

Basically, you need to know two methods:

1) Press  “+” to create the new and Press “Ctrl” to move/ blend.

2) Hold “Ctrl” and press “X” (at the end of line) to delete

Coggle - design UI

You can 7 colors to create your Mind Map.

Coogle - 7colours

After you finished, you can share to “Facebook” or download it as “PNG” or “PDF”

Coggle - export

My Work 😛

New MindMap

If you want to share with your students or friends, you can copy the link like this. Or enter their email as co-workers.

Application for Education

For teachers, the share link helps you show the MindMap for students in teaching. For students, you can edit your MindMap collaboratively. One more that I found this services is great – its support various language input, like Chinese!

P.S. After testing on my iPad, it works! You can also “touch and move” to blend the line. Also, you can add/delete when you “touch and hold” the line. Redo and Undo also available when you “touch and hold”! Amazing!


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