MDL2 – Free Moodle services

MDl2 let you create your own site for e-learning which is powered by the latest Moodle.

The site claimed itself NOT a company, so this services required to donate some bugs as you want.

Registration is easy: 1) enter your site name 2) your email address

After you enter information above, you will received an email about the login details.

Also, base on this free services running smoothly, your site may be disabled  under some conditions:

Unused sites will be automatically disabled after 30 days without a valid login (only a week if the site is empty).
Disabled sites will be permanently and irreversibly deleted from our backups one month later.
If you are an active donor your site will not be disabled.  - home


Application for Education

I really appreciate about their work. No any cost, no limit on bandwidth, no limit on disk space. It’s awesome and kind!

The aims of this services is spreading the use of Moodle. Check this out if you also interested in!

helping us to give this service for free to other users who cannot afford it.




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