Pictaculous – Get your image’s colour palette (Updated)

Pictaculous – No sign up, It’s totally free. This website gives you a convenient way to check your image’s colour palette.

Once you upload your image (i.e. PNG, GIF, JPG), wait for a second, website will show your own palette from the image.

After that, you can download it as .aco (Adobe colour file / Adobe swatch file). This file is used to add colour palette in Photoshop to help your work.

Pictaculous - homePictaculous - colour palette

After I upload the file (thanks doceri), system show the best 5 colour palette at the top. Under the best 5 palette, it has another 10 suggestion from other website.

Now you can download the best 5 colour palette as “Adobe Swatch File”. You can import the “.aco” by double-click it if you installed Photoshop already. You can see the new swatch right on your Photoshop.

pictaculous - before   (Before)    pictaculous  - After (After)

Application for Education

This tool is suitable for students to clarify their Artwork in what colour palette. It helps the designer very much!

(Update ): After testing on iPad, its work. Just tap the blank website bar on iPad, it shows “Take Photo or Video” or “Choose Existing” these two option. Then you can also use this services right on your iPad. Cool!


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