DuckieDeck – 125 Preschool Flash games

DuckieDeck – This site offer 125 games (seems still  increasing ) for preschool students. All games can be divided into 12 categories .

As those 125 games are running on Flash, use Puffin when you want used in iPad.

DuckieDeck - home

All icon looks attractive! As I can’t a full lists about all the games (just can find the 12 categories at the bottom). I sort out the lists as below. Hope anyone of you can be used:

1) Sharing Games:

DuckieDeck - 01sharing games
Goodies, Gimmie Gimmie, Win Win, Pie in the sky, Toy Joy, Scribble & Dribble

2) Hygiene Games

DuckieDeck - 02hygiene games
Tooth Brushing, Dentist, Potty Training, Dental Memory, Germ Invasion, Clean Hands, Crocodile, Tissue

3) Ecology Games

DuckieDeck - 03Ecology games
Into the Deep, Wild Dump, Recycling, Litter, Toy Recycling

4) Nature Games
DuckieDeck - 04Nature games
Stormy Night, Day & Night, Snowman, Meadow, Seashells, Seasons, Garden, Binoculars,

Thermometer, Moon, Sun and shadows

5) Craft Games
DuckieDeck - 04Craft games
Paint Balls, Birthday Cake, Portrait, Art Gallery, Cut-out, Necklace, Markup Room,  ClayPot,

Crayons, Watercolors, Face Painting, Stamps, Plasticine, Paper Bits, Box Monster

6) Leqends

DuckieDeck - 06Leqends
Ghosts, The Royal Court, Haunted Mansion, Castle, Loony Santa, Santa’s Driver, Wedding Dress, Witch Hut,

7) Health

DuckieDeck - 07 Health
X-ray, To be Bone, Pulse, Microscope, Hospital, Stethoscope, Brain, Ear

8) Engineering Games

DuckieDeck - 08Engineering Games

Light the Bulb, Bicycle, Digger, Garage, Wheels, Pit Stops, Engine, Dump Truck,

Cargo ship, Car Planet, Oil Raps, Road Work, Helmet Memory, Screap-Heap

9) Number Games

DuckieDeck - 09Number Games

Colourful Balls, Weights, Finger Counting, Shell Games, Safe, Currency Design, Piggy Bank, Shopping List

10) Circus

DuckieDeck - 10 Circus Games

Investigation, Animal Switch, Gossip, Mister Blown, Top Hat, Circus Chase, Fireworks, Ice-cream,

Costumes, Masquerade, Happy Sad

11) Animal

DuckieDeck - 11Animal Games

Monkey Business, Memory, Ants, Chicken and Duck, Frogs, Little Creature, Shepherd Dog, Tug of War,

Geese, Dancing Cows, Cow Munch, Dog and Bone, Insects, Dinosaurs

12) Toys

DuckieDeck - 12toys Games

Balloon, Sorting Balls, Blocks, Toy Factory, Toy Windmills, Piano, Toy Bricks, Mahjong

Application for Education:

125 Games!  Totally Free for everyone! Why not use it in your lesson!

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