Picosong – share your mp3 easily

Picosong – it is a easiest way to share your mp3 without any sign up and account!

In general, if you want to share your mp3, you may use online cloud storage like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. Also, you may email your song to your friends. All these way means you need at least three steps: sign in/log in , upload and share. But now, Picosong offers the other way in two steps: upload and share. NO need to sign up at first and no log in procedure on every share moment.

picosong - home


Once you upload your mp3, you will get a link. But, remember if you want to del the mp3 later, you should copy down the link in the “RED” dialogue. It is because it only appears one time.

Also, Picosong only upload one mp3 at once. So, if you want to share the whole album, this services may not your cup of tea! For my opinion, just send a mp3 to friend under several situation is  awesome, like: Church Worship Team demo song, Drama background music or your  work you written.






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