ClipPick – Cross-Platform Copy & Paste Service

Today, I try to use this new service called ClipPick. This service seems developed from Korea.

ClipPick - home

ClipPick let you copy the text, image, links etc form your mobile device to your desktop computer. Once you installed the apps(Mobile device) and software(PC/Mac). It will do the job behind the system in 10 minutes. You can set up at “Launch when system initiates ” on your PC. Then when you copy(let says hold your finger to copy some text)on your mobile device, you can paste the “text” by right-click the mouse on your PC in any software! This service/APPS/Software support PC/MAC to mobile, mobile to PC/MAC, mobile to mobile….


ClipPick - PCinstall

ClipPick - PCsignin

ClipPick - send message




2 comments on “ClipPick – Cross-Platform Copy & Paste Service

  1. Greetings wongsiridea,

    Thanks for the super early adoption of our product! We just came across your review and were happy to see that you liked our product. We have now optimized our service for tablets as well and you can seamlessly copy text or image from all devices (mobile to PC to tablets) on all major OS.

    We want to continue our relationship with you and are curious to know how we can better serve you as well as improve our product! Improved features? Faster speed? Drop us some feedback!

    We are also excited in releasing a series of “CLIPPICK vs ?” videos that tests the time it takes to transfer text or images between the major players in the cloud industry

    Here is a sneak preview of CLIPPICK vs. Gmail!

    Let me know what you think!



    Sentence Team!

    P.s. sorry for the long message, we couldnt find a contact email

    • Hi ClipPick:

      Thanks for your reply. It’s make me really happy!
      I think ClipPick is good. Can I suggest add “bookmarklets”?
      When the ClipPick’s services is terminated, bookmarklets can activate the services right on the APPS (like safari for iPad” )immediately.
      I know ClipPick work behind the OS for , let say, 10 mins. But when I’m using APPS, I don’t want to quit my APPS first then open “clipPick
      ” again.

      Anyway, thanks all and wish you all the best.


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