Learn.ly – Give a voice comment function on Google Drive

Learn.ly gives you a voice comment function on Google Drive. In general, you only type a comment in doc at Google Drive.

learn.ly  - home

Learn.ly - Permission

But Lean.ly gives you different. It connects with Google Drive and add voice comment.

Learn.ly - record

After testing, I found that the files created by Google Doc like Doc and presentation can be used with Learn.ly (Voice Comment). Also, html files can be used. Unfortunately, documents like docx, pdf cannot be used. That means seems Voice comment ONLY work with Google Doc. As Learn.ly just a new services. I think it will be having improvement later!

As the recording technology seems using Flash, so you can’t use it on your iPad when recording. But you can listen the  voice comment on it. See FAQ for more information.

Application for Education

Using your voice to give comments to students. I think it makes comment more accurate , more suitable for specific students. Students can learn better with improvement.


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