WordTalk – Plugin to let MS Word talk

Today, I read a post about “8 Online tools to help educate students with disability“. The Author introduces a plugin  on Microsoft Word called” Word Talk“. Quite a strange forward name about their function.

This plugin is Free, and suit from MS Word 97 to MS Word 2010 (the newest).

Just download and install it. You can use it inside the MS Word.

WordTalk - home

WordTalk - Download01

WordTalk - Download02


After you downloaded the file as”msi” format. Double-click the file and click “next” to install.

After you installed the “msi” setup file, you need to run the “WORDTALK” icon to activate and install the toolbars in Microsoft Word”.

WordTalk - manuel install


Then you will find the tools bar in “ADDON” ribbon in MS Word.

WordTalk - wordUI


You may wish know How to use this add-on in this video below:


Application for Education

For students  using English as a second-language, this tools help them a lot. They can decrease the speed , highlight the word when pronounce. Such function makes students can learn it by themself.



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