Soo Meta – integrate live poll in video

Soo Meta – integrate live poll in video. This website is a special one I haven’t seen.

Soo Meta — home

Let’s see what they claimed :

Start creating video presentations out of pictures, videos, sounds, text & add quick polls into the mix.

By adding video, photo, text  and live poll, you can publish a video with 10 poll inside of it.(Free account)

Just imagine after you post a video. Audience watched it and poll the question that you created. The statistics will appeared on your dashboard of Soo Meta website!

Here is the procedure how to make a video:

1) Registration

Soo Meta - reg

Soo Meta - price list

2) Enter your story/video title

Soo Meta - new title

3) Add Video by search or enter url (support Chinese character)

Soo Meta - search obama

4) Add test and background image

Soo Meta - inserted

Soo Meta - UI

Soo Meta - video length

5) Add poll

Soo Meta  - add poll

6) Publish : You can publish as ” Visible with password”

Soo Meta - share

7) audience will enter the url and password

Soo Meta - publish01

8) The statistics

Soo Meta - statistics

Application for Education

For me, I found a bit difficult to use it. Mainly on the creating flow of the video. But I think my captured images will help a lot. As adding poll inside the video, students can make use of the video for self learning. Teachers can make use of the statistics to see what students understand of not. What a great tools.


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