Picadilo – online editing 3 photos at once

Picadilo – it’s a new services to editing photo. You may know many services about editing photos, like PicMonkey, Muzy. Both of them I like it very much as it provides special functions. Both of them are unique to each other. Now, today I found the Picadilo, It provides other special function – Multiple windows (up to 3 photos) in editing.

Picadilo - home


Like others Free online photo editing website. Picadilo offers Free, Online photo editing. It has several tools to let you edit your work.

Firstly, after you click start” button. You can start your work without any installation, plugin etc. Just work!

Picadilo - getstarted


Secondly, you can select different tools to edit: Basic tools, effect tools, retouch tools, text tools, textures tools.

All have 10+ tools to use.

Picadilo - textures Picadilo - text Picadilo - retouch Picadilo - effect Picadilo - basic tools


But the most special function about this service is : you can edit up to 3 photos at the same time!

Picadilo   - 3photos


More than that (3 photos), you will received an error message. Multiple windows for photo editing is really useful because you can compare with photos. It let you won’t “over edit” the work!

Application for Education

It’s free! Again, very good for the school use!



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