Faturl – Shorten your URLs into one

Faturl – This website’s concept is simple. It gives you a service to group all your URLs into one – into one shorten link.

All you have to do it input (or copy and paste) the links, give a title of the link. Then all stuff will combine into one shorten link. Not like other shorten link services (famous one is Goo.gl). You can group all into one. Really convenient to teacher when he want to tell students the several web links. Just tell them one, they get all!

FatURL - home

Now, I group 5 links into one as example. That is the most vistors like my post in my site.

1) MP3cut     2) Coggle     3) Xtramath     4) PicMonkey     5) Muzy

FatURL - Group

Then you can get the FatURL link / QRCode like below:


FatURL - result

FatURL - tab

Application for Education

Simple and Fast. All works with iPad. Suitable for teachers!

P.S. Other post introduce  3 ways to group URLs into one.


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