2 sites to help you transfer your files on multi-platform

1) Ge.tt (temperately Desktop to Desktop/Devices)

– upload files at desktop (pretty fast around 20kb/s)

– Get the shorten download link

– Open your desktop / devices browser , type the link and download.

P.S. 250M(without sign up for 30 days) / 2G(sign up), It can stream audio and video files, create folders, resume download.

Ge.tt - home

Ge.tt - uploadGe.tt - download link



2) Just Beam it  (Desktop to Device , Device to Desktop, Device to Device)

– Drag or select the files to upload (For mobile device, like iPad, will open “camera roll ” instead)

– Generate the download link / QRcode (only can using once, valid for 10 minutes) FAQ is here.

JustBeamIt - home

JustBeamIt - download link


Application for Education

These 2 web services quite useful for teachers to deliver course material to students. After a quick try,  the speed to upload and download is satisfied for me. Give a try, you won’t be disappointed.


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