Infographic: How to Know it’s a Boy or a Girl

Infographics King

A lot of people belief that there are various signs that indicates that whether a pregnant lady will have a boy or a girl and some of these signs are given in the below part of the article.

Some of the signs indicating a baby boy are heart rate below 140 beats per minute, out-front bulge, basketball shaped belly, large and dark nipples, bright yellow urine colour, cravings for salty and sour food items and looks which are amazing than normal.

On the other hand the signs indicating a baby girl are heart beat above 140 per minute, watermelon shaped belly, bulge in the back and hips, blossom breasts, dull yellow colour of urine , cravings for sweets and orange juice and appearance that is less than normal.

It is also believed that if your wedding ring moves in circles on your belly then it will be a baby boy…

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