Testing: What apps make it easy? Socrative, Edmodo and Nearpod

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I received an email from an agricultural education colleague in another district inquiring about potential iPad testing apps to to use which also handle scoring. I figured rather than just send her an email, I’d share the three apps I use for assessment purposes with pros and cons of each. All I mention are FREE.


Socrative bills itself as the “smart student response system” and it is.  Quizzes can be multiple choice and short answer.  Once the quiz is completed, you email yourself the report which has the total number of correct multiple choice questions indicated, correct answers highlighted in green and wrong answers highlighted in red, and the short answer replies in white cells.


  • Students don’t need an account, they simply enter the “Room Number” (which teachers can custom create) when the teacher has the activity open.
  • Easy to create a quiz and you can even use…

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