Evernote Devcup 2013

Evernote Devcup 2013 is for Evernote developer to make use of Evernote API to create great product. This year has 181 products or idea submitted. Last year Evernote devcup 2012 winners are here. Ummm, Everclip is my cup of tea!

EverNote Devcup 2013

Now we move on this year. All project still under progress. Before August 2, 2013, you can vote for your love.

Here I choose some of them. Hope that you also love it.

1) Hop.in (Demo Video)

Hop.in - home


2) EleEditor (Demo Video)

EleEditor - home


3) PostClip (Demo Video)

postclip - home



4) Biscuit (Demo Video)

Biscuit - home


5) Lightly (Demo Video)

Lightly - home


6) Triprint (Demo Video)

Triprint - home


7) Funds (Demo Video)

FUNDS - home


8) Cilantro.io (Demo Video)

cilantro.io - home


9) CloudPod (Demo Video)

Cloudpod - home


10) Receiptmate (Demo Video)

Receiptmate - home



I am not trying to rank above projects. It just a sequence to introduce them. What’s your choice? Leave a comment to share your idea.




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