What is Bookmarklets? Base on JavaScript , add more functions to your browser. (more info on this)

  1. ClearPrint – convert your Website into more Clear to print
  2. dotEPUB – convert your Website into EPUB
  3. iPadUrl – convert your Web address into SHORT Url
  4. iOSFlashVideo – Play Flash Video on your iPad
  5. RomajiDesu – Japanese Dictionary
  6. TAP-Translate – Translate your word on Website by one TAP (install APPS first)
  7. TAP-Dictionary – Give your word’s  meaning on Website  by one TAP (install APPS first
  8. Snoopy – view source code on mobile browser


1) 100+ Useful Bookmarklets For Better Productivity

2) Bookmarklets for your iPad

3) Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad and iPhone

4) The Most Useful Bookmarklets to Enhance Your Browsing Experience

5) 10-must-have-bookmarklets-for-teachers

6) iOS Bookmarklets


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