FlipQuiz – Gameshow-style boards

FlipQuiz – it’s a new online services for teachers to create the quiz.

Just having a quick try, it satisfied for me! As Flipquiz is easy to use, sign up then all gets to work!



FlipQuiz - dashboard

FlipQuiz - create 01

You can simply enter your board’s name. Entering the question and answer, the rest leave it to Flipquiz. All done in a second!

Then you can login in any devices PC/MAC, iPad or Android to start your board and review what you talk with students!



The Playground of Mathematics

The Playground of Mathematics – it’s an online service about math exercise. You can choose your language (13 types)  to do the exercises in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

playground math - home After you choose your right languages at the top of website, you can start your exercise.

playground math - typeAlso, you can set the difficulty on different types of math.

playground math - settings


After all the settings done, you can do your exercise via keyboard or just through the web!

playground math - math


Application for Education

Just a quick try of the web. I really love this web so much. Easy to use and helpful. You can use it right on your desktop or mobile devices. And, it’s free!

Recordmp3 – record online

Recordmp3 is an online service to let you recording mp3 online. After giving permission to use your computer’s mic and a video cam. You can start to record your voice.

Recordmp3 - home

After your recording, you can save it as mp3 or share the link to others. Really simple to use.

Recordmp3 - UIRecordmp3 - saveRecordmp3 - save02

Applications for Education

Now Teachers can record their own voice to instruct student their homework after school. Students can record their conclusion of the report. Really easy to use and useful! No sign up is required.

QuestBase – online multi-platform assessment system

QuestBase  provided an online assessment platform. It supports various platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, etc.

Teachers need to sign up an account. It used to create the test and questions through their platform.

QuestBase - home



QuestBase - My Account QuestBase - profilo


This platform can let you create many types of question: MC/ True & False, Fill-in-the-blank, Essay, etc.

QuestBase - questions type


This platform support chinese characters(view only, not support printed version)  and the most important features: Equation!

QuestBase - equation


After you key in all the questions, you can output as online test (multi-platform), or print it as traditional test paper.

QuestBase - output


Then you can prepare to publish the online test.

QuestBase - online 01 QuestBase - online 02 QuestBase - online 03

After you finished the online test. You can “double-click” the online test that you prepared. You can find the “pin” cod e for students to join in. Student can go to QuestBase website. Type in the right “Pin” code and start the online test.

QuestBase - online 04


Application for Education

Teachers can be used to create an online test for student for  Free. Easy to use and can output as traditional test paper. Awesome!






Sketchlot – create & share sketches

Sketchlot – A new web 2.0 services that you can create , share your sketch to others. But this tool is specially designed for educational use. It can also support share student’s sketch to peer (all  or selected) or teachers!

The flow is : teacher needs to sign up account, add students account (just need name and password).

Then, teacher can create his/her sketchlot first, then pass share and choose the selected student to share. After it, students will received the teacher’s sketch or student can create their own piece and share to peer.

All flow can be done within the browser. Really good for school in teaching!

Sketchlot - home

1) Create teacher’s account, remember need to create a “class code” with letter and number.

sketchlot - Tsignup


2) Then you will see a control panel. Now, you should create student list.

sketchlot - panel

3) Student account password can be same on saving. But I did not recommend the same password as you can’t access it except the first student.

sketchlot - password



4) Create your own sketch , then press share sketch button.

sketchlot - save

5) Student can use browser to login into sketchlot website (using class code you assigned and students password). If students share their own sketch to you. You will see them on the control panel( refresh the browser in case no can’t see anything).

sketchlot - login

Sketchlot - sharing


Application for Education

Teachers can use them inside the classroom. I just found that you can use it on “Nearpod” share function. It works well.



Nearpod Business – Launched!

Nearpod Business launched at  July, 2013. A new and enhanced version of  Nearpod for Education.

It still free. All features can be used on Nearpod Business version. Yes! Would you  see the bright point? Yes, all features! If you an old user of  Nearpod (mostly of us less than 1-year using), you might know that both “sideshow” & “Browse the Internet” can’t use for Free user. It just provided several times to use under free account.

But now, Nearpod Business version, you can use it ! Thanks Nearpod Team.

Besides, this Nearpod Team gives us “On Demand” and “Live” functions. “Live” likes the pervious “Launch” function. You can control audience.  But this time free account only support 3 per session (like 3 students).

For “On demand” , you can share via email / pin to audience up to 100 per month. That’s really flexible for presenter. Also, the audience can view the NPP(Nearpod presentation) by themselves. i.e. no control functions like “Homework for education Nearpod version”.

This version supports “web app”. That means you can “join session” via PC/MAC. As this features only included on school account when it’s at Nearpod for Education Version. I have no idea when they switch back. Hope that this feature can keep it forever. I use it from September last year to now. Nearpod Team work very hard of it and always gives us surprise. Love Nearpod and their hard work!


Nearpod biz - home Nearpod biz - internet Nearpod biz - pricing Nearpod biz - sign up Nearpod biz - slideshow Nearpod biz - web app


3 ways to increase your creativity

Today, I want to intro 2 websites to increase your creativity or more concentrate your work.

1) Soundrown

It provides various “sound” to simulate several situation, like: sea beach, coffee shop, playground, etc.

soundrown - home2) Coffitivity

This website likes the soundrown. It simulates coffee shop situation. If you like work in coffee shop, you should like this website.  This website support plays the “coffee shop sound” and your music at the same time! I played my music at Google Drive on web and open Coffitivity at same time! It’ just work!

Coffitivity - home

3) Rainymood

The last one is Rainymood. This website provides, you can imagine, rainy sound.

Rainymood - home

P.S. All 3 websites support iPad playback.

2 use your location services website

1) Forecast :

This website gives you the location weather and information.

Forecast - Home


It shows you today’s weather, next 7 days weather information.

It also has voice  recognition on desktop version. The special features of Forecast is “time machine” function.

Forecast - UI


Once you enter the year and date, it can show the weather on that day!

The earliest day that I found is “January 2, 1937”.

Forecast - UI2


2) Time.is

This website gives you the time of your entered location.

Time.is -home


This features really suitable for travelling. Just open your smartphone/tablet, then you can simply got the “Time”, “Forecast” of  your location. Even you can spell or know what you locate!



Instant Google Street View – Shortcut of displaying maps in Google Street View

Instant Google Street View – Shortcut of displaying maps in Google Street View

After use it , the response time is amazing! Just type the address, then view the street view instantly!

Instant Google Street View - home

After input “Lady Elliot IslanSad Underwater”, then just one second……

Instant Google Street View  - demo

Application for Education:

No need to go to Google Maps Page first, just type the address, then view it. Fast and easy! Also, you can download the scene and share to other by shorten link.

Flash Issue on iPad

Flash Issue on iPad , especially in Education situation still an issue faced by teachers.

Here I sum up some methods that hope may help others.

1) Install  Apps on iPad:

Before install APPS on iPad, you should figure out “What type of Flash content do you want to read?”

Flash Video? Flash Games? Flash-based Website?

For Flash Videos, app store have many brand of APPS let you choose.

iSwifter, Flash Video Web Browser, Skyfire Web Browser,  Photon, Puffin Web Browser, Rover

For Flash Games:

Puffin Web BrowserRover

2) Using JavaScript on iPad:

Some website use JavaScript to play Flash on iPad.

Here is the website called “http://iosflashvideo.fw.hu/

This site has step by step tutorial.

3) Jailbreak your iDevices to install “Frash”:

Basically, I don’t recommend this method due to the security reasons.


Application for Education:

I recommend using “Puffin Web Browser” as educational use. Because the performance is the best! Although it costs US$2.99, it worth! Puffin also has FREE version that let you use 14 days and add more 4 weeks by referral. So, it is a good try to test the Flash content especially the Flash games. The second choice is “Rover”. This APPS costs “FREE”. Great to hear for educator. But the performance not as good as Puffin especially when the quality of streaming the Flash content. Educational flash content stills have a great numbers in the internet. Any suggestion about your choice? Please leave your message.

Answer Garden – Online Free Feedback System

Answer Garden – It’s free online feedback system.

NO need any registration, You just type your question then done. BUT, you can leave your personal email to take a role of administrator. That is, you can get more control on your question.

The most disadvantages is : do not support Chinese Characters!

Application for Education:

I think it is better use as “Brain storm”  or kind of “tag cloud” activities. Students can type unlimited ideas into the systems.



Poll Everywhere – Online FREE Poll System(Updated)

Poll Everywhere wins Edtechdigest 2013 finalists winners in “Assessment Solution”. Congratulations!

Poll Everywhere is a online free poll system.

It’s Free for under 40 students in the classroom.

You can use the laptop to key in the questions, then your students use their own device to response.

Just that simple!

Here is the adv video. I like this actor very much!
[vimeo 37674303 w=400 h=300]

Application for Education

Maybe you can’t use it in the classroom if your students haven’t devices. But it is a great tool for you to launch staff development, like teacher training. Get their feedback. I think it should be a good motivation for the adult!

Only English Text supported.