LiveSlide & Homeroom

Today, I read a website  “Atlas” introduce an cross-platform apps called “LiveSlide“. It seems pretty good. Although It hasn’t launch yet. Stay turn….

LiveSlide - home


Demo Video:

LiveSlide Demo



AWW Whiteboard – online interactive whiteboard with embedded function

awwapp – it’s online whiteboard services. It’s function is simple: collaborative whiteboard!

You just simply click the link “start drawing” , then you have a whiteboard to draw. If  you want to share your draw, just click “invite”  and share the link.


awwapp - home

awwapp - colour

awwapp - pencil


Application of Education

It is a great and simple whiteboard services for students. If you using Nearpod as your teaching tools, you can also use it within “share web” function!



Coggle – Beautiful Online MindMap Services

Coggle – It’s an online mindmap service. After you sign in with your google account. You can start to create immediately!

coggle - home

Simple and clear UI let you easy to create a mindmap as you want.

Coggle - reg

Basically, you need to know two methods:

1) Press  “+” to create the new and Press “Ctrl” to move/ blend.

2) Hold “Ctrl” and press “X” (at the end of line) to delete

Coggle - design UI

You can 7 colors to create your Mind Map.

Coogle - 7colours

After you finished, you can share to “Facebook” or download it as “PNG” or “PDF”

Coggle - export

My Work 😛

New MindMap

If you want to share with your students or friends, you can copy the link like this. Or enter their email as co-workers.

Application for Education

For teachers, the share link helps you show the MindMap for students in teaching. For students, you can edit your MindMap collaboratively. One more that I found this services is great – its support various language input, like Chinese!

P.S. After testing on my iPad, it works! You can also “touch and move” to blend the line. Also, you can add/delete when you “touch and hold” the line. Redo and Undo also available when you “touch and hold”! Amazing!

Visnos – Online Interactive Maths Games

Visnos – It’s online interactive Maths games. It has 12 games for teaching.

1) Fraction Wall

2) Fish Times Tables

3) Addition & Subtraction Facts

4) Time, Angles & Fractions

5) Polygon Explorer

6) Classroom Timer

7) Basic Angles

8) Random Spinners

9) Number Explorer

10) Explore PI

11) Fractal Explorer

12) Counting with fish

Visnos - games lists


Applications for Education

For non English – native teachers, use Goolge translate function is a prefect way to give students self study.


Lino – Online Sticky and Photo Sharing System

Lino – Online Sticky and Photo Sharing System.

Application for Education

Some Schools use in the Classroom while divide students into several groups. Each group follow teacher’s  instruction, for example, put in right order about “Plant Growing”. Then teacher click different group’s result to talk about it. I think it is a good method to see what students learned.