OneBox – save your attachments into cloud storage automatically

OneBox is a new cloud services. The concept is OneBox connect your email account and your cloud-based storage services. Once  a new email appears in your account, it will automatically save the attachments into your cloud-based storage, like Dropbox.

Sounds good? Yes, I try it and feel really convenient!

See How’s work:


1) Click ” Try it Now!”



2) Choose the cloud services that you have already signed up.

OneBox.io02 OneBox.io03

3) Get the right to access your “Box”.


4) Then, connect your email account. You can add more than 1 email account. That is, you can connect more than 1 Gmail account.



5) Get the right to access


6) If you want to save your email storage, click this on. OneBox can replace your account’s attachment as link. You can turn off later.



7) If you stop using OneBox, you can follow the steps below.


OneBox.io10 OneBox.io11 OneBox.io12


After using OneBox, your attachments directly drop into your cloud storage. That means it’s automatically sync to your desktop! Must try!




Local Cloud – Your personal Cloud storage on Mac/PC

Local Cloud a new cloud storage concepts powered by Delite studio. The concepts : storage files right on your computer, view and edit on them via mobile devices.

Local Cloud - home

As the screenshot above, you need to install the client program on  your Mac or PC. Both of these are free. Then you need to download your IOS APPS to your iPhone/ iPad which is cost $9.99. I download it on free when they have promotion. You may use “Appshopper” to monitor the sale (web / apps).

After a quick trial, I pretty awesome on their speed. Really fast and smooth. When you view the files through “local Cloud” via your idevices. Local Cloud need to download it first (of course both computer and idevices using the same WiFi network). Then you can view or using other third-party apps to view it. Some of you may concern “Can it use multi-devices at the same time?”, the answer is yes! It suit for classroom use!

Here  is the intro video about Local Cloud:

Application for Education

Local Cloud suitable for classroom (be careful the classroom’s computer ip, static ip is advised). Teachers can save the files/ video on the shared folder of Local Cloud on the PC. Students can use/ download it by themselves. Safe, fast and convenient  ! Offical FAQ is here. – Evernote as Blog is a new blog services but gives it in a new way – using Evernote.

Unlike Blogger, WordPress etc, connected with Evernote as CMS (Content Management System). Blogger and WordPress using their own storage to post the blog. use other web services – Evernote.  All your content still keep it on your Evernote account. has two functions that I really like it : can using with Skitch for everyone and IFTTT services. Using Skitch for Evernote that means you can draw something on  your blog.  Also, Evernote can support share folders to others. Your blog changed multi-author’s blog(example). Using IFTTT services just changed all posting activates automatically! - home


Application for Educaiton

Free, no setup. All you have to do is using your Evernote account. Just imagine that create the class blog during school picnic or field trip. Each student can post what they learn and see. Cool!


2 sites to help you transfer your files on multi-platform

1) (temperately Desktop to Desktop/Devices)

– upload files at desktop (pretty fast around 20kb/s)

– Get the shorten download link

– Open your desktop / devices browser , type the link and download.

P.S. 250M(without sign up for 30 days) / 2G(sign up), It can stream audio and video files, create folders, resume download. - home - - download link



2) Just Beam it  (Desktop to Device , Device to Desktop, Device to Device)

– Drag or select the files to upload (For mobile device, like iPad, will open “camera roll ” instead)

– Generate the download link / QRcode (only can using once, valid for 10 minutes) FAQ is here.

JustBeamIt - home

JustBeamIt - download link


Application for Education

These 2 web services quite useful for teachers to deliver course material to students. After a quick try,  the speed to upload and download is satisfied for me. Give a try, you won’t be disappointed. – Give a voice comment function on Google Drive gives you a voice comment function on Google Drive. In general, you only type a comment in doc at Google Drive.  - home - Permission

But gives you different. It connects with Google Drive and add voice comment. - record

After testing, I found that the files created by Google Doc like Doc and presentation can be used with (Voice Comment). Also, html files can be used. Unfortunately, documents like docx, pdf cannot be used. That means seems Voice comment ONLY work with Google Doc. As just a new services. I think it will be having improvement later!

As the recording technology seems using Flash, so you can’t use it on your iPad when recording. But you can listen the  voice comment on it. See FAQ for more information.

Application for Education

Using your voice to give comments to students. I think it makes comment more accurate , more suitable for specific students. Students can learn better with improvement.

Presentain – New way to present

Presentain, it is a new way to deploy your presentations.

Presentain - home

After you sign up and upload your PowerPoint(in PDF), you can get a link or QR code to share for your audience.

For Audience: they can type the “PIN” at the presentain website to get your presentation. They can catch up your presentation right on their devices.

For you, as a presenter: You can control the presentation using your smart devices. You can walk around, click and play. The audience’s will have same path with you. What you “Click” They What can “SEE”.

But not like other presentation’s tools, its offer a download presentation function. Also, “presentain” work with Google Drive to store and get your files.

Take a look a tutorials about the demo.

Pholium – Multimedia Photo Album Creator

Pholium – This is an IOS Apps for creating photo album(download here). You can add photos, video. The most interesting is you can also record your voice to introduce your creation (Photos).

Pholium - home

After you made your Photo Album, you can share via Facebook, Twitter. But the best thing is: If your friend also has this app, you can send the album to your friend’s app. Otherwise, they can view it on the web.

Also, Pholium support iCloud and Dropbox as Cloud storage.

All these functions are Free to use.

Application for Education:

Of course, we don’t to print out the Photo book at  school. But , we can use it in learning activities. Student use this apps to organize their work , record with their voice, add video to express complex ideas. All books can deliver to each other and view right on the apps or view online. Here is the description about this function.

Creators of books can easily give their photo e-books to others of their choosing using Pholium’s cloud server and a WiFi connection. Once a book is completed and “published” to the user’s Library, they may give their e-books by entering the recipients’ email addresses. The book is uploaded to the Apple iCloud or Dropbox servers and the recipients are automatically sent an email or push notification (to those recipients who already have Pholium on their iPad) that a book is being given to them. Recipients that do not have an iPad or Pholium, will receive a link to download an online web viewer of the book.

ClipPick – Cross-Platform Copy & Paste Service

Today, I try to use this new service called ClipPick. This service seems developed from Korea.

ClipPick - home

ClipPick let you copy the text, image, links etc form your mobile device to your desktop computer. Once you installed the apps(Mobile device) and software(PC/Mac). It will do the job behind the system in 10 minutes. You can set up at “Launch when system initiates ” on your PC. Then when you copy(let says hold your finger to copy some text)on your mobile device, you can paste the “text” by right-click the mouse on your PC in any software! This service/APPS/Software support PC/MAC to mobile, mobile to PC/MAC, mobile to mobile….


ClipPick - PCinstall

ClipPick - PCsignin

ClipPick - send message



Picosong – share your mp3 easily

Picosong – it is a easiest way to share your mp3 without any sign up and account!

In general, if you want to share your mp3, you may use online cloud storage like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, etc. Also, you may email your song to your friends. All these way means you need at least three steps: sign in/log in , upload and share. But now, Picosong offers the other way in two steps: upload and share. NO need to sign up at first and no log in procedure on every share moment.

picosong - home


Once you upload your mp3, you will get a link. But, remember if you want to del the mp3 later, you should copy down the link in the “RED” dialogue. It is because it only appears one time.

Also, Picosong only upload one mp3 at once. So, if you want to share the whole album, this services may not your cup of tea! For my opinion, just send a mp3 to friend under several situation is  awesome, like: Church Worship Team demo song, Drama background music or your  work you written.

 – Alternative way to share files – This is a new service to share your files (Photo, Doc, Videos and Music) from your desktop.

Different from other Cloud storage services, it does not store any your files in the cloud. It only make a way from your computer to your devices, like iPad. The APPS on your iPad will found your files in your computer, then stream it or download it from your computer. It the file type not suitable for iPad viewing. It will convert automatically. It is easy to use and convenient.

After you download and install the APPS on your devices and desktop. You may also need to configure your firewall (probably your Router) to open the port form 38888-39000. (detail from forum) - home



Application for Education

I think it is great way to share the teaching materials to student wirelessly. They can view the resources right from their devices. Once teacher add any materials, they can get it immediately! Nice teaching flow!


SoShare – File transfer (P2P) by bittorrent

SoShare is a new services powered by bittorrent. Bittorrent provided a great P2P( peer to peer) method to download which is so called “BT”. Now, SoShare make them into web-based file transfer services. It has three advantages:

1) The fle size up to terabyte in size, totally free.

2) Sharing is as easy as email. They get the files, you get a receipt.

3) The SoShare plug-in enables pause/resume and fast transfers.

As refer from Bittorrent Blog, SoShare is used bittorrent web browser plugin to make it happen. So You need to download plugin before you send or receive the files (system will prompt you). The most awesome function is : you can pause and resume the download when you received a “BIG SIZE” file.

SoShare - homeSoShare - plugin_winSoShare  - send fileSoShare  - send file 02SoShare - download option


Read more: Bittorrent Blog, SoShare Blog.



TagMyDoc – Tag(QR-code) your files and share at once

TagMyDoc – It’s quite a special online services. The main idea of this website is “Tag your Doc”.

TagMyDoc - Home

In traditional, if you want to share your handout to students. You may need upload to cloud storage, set to “share”, print the document and write down the “share link” student finally. Many, many steps……

But, TagMyDoc only TWO steps: upload and print the tagged document. Easy!

TagMyDoc - StartTagMyDoc - tagged doc

You can connect Google Drive, Dropbox and Box to upload your document.

TagMyDoc - Cloud connection

But, the most important features is : a plug-in for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Then, after you install this plugin, your just only use one steps to share your document.

TagMyDoc - Office Plugin 01

TagMyDoc - Office Plugin 02TagMyDoc - Office Plugin_Word



iDriveSync – Cloud Storage with WEBDAV function

iDriveSync – It’s new cloud storage services. It’s function like Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive and Box.

iDriveSync - home

After you sign in, you can get 10GB! Like other cloud storage services, you can add your storage capacity through “like their Facebook”, “Follow their twitter”, “download the desktop client” and “download the mobile app”. Each activates grant 0.5 GB.

Btw, It’s support WEBDAV function. For What? That means you can download your files from iDriveSync via your keynotes for iPad.




Two Services can hosting your site with Dropbox

I want to introduce two online FREE Services to hosting your own website. Both of these Services are linking with Dropbox.

Yes, It’s Dropbox! Although people may not create their own website anymore, maybe Blog instead. But, it still worth to let student to learn on it. Because creating website need well-planned, it’s a good practice for students.

Both services are easy to handle. First, you need a Free Dropbox account. Second, reg one of the services below. Third, upload/drag your “website” into Dropbox.  Easy?

1) Kissr



2) Site44


Site44 can also run some SWF or Javascript very well. Check this out!


Accessing iCloud’s Files and Images on Mac( Updated)

Before use this method , I recommend read this before! Important!!


Many and many peoples use the “iCloud” services. Most of them access the files on APPS, like Keynote and GoodReader. You need to open your APPS and access your work! But, when you back to your MAC, you can’t or difficult to access it. Now, you can access your files in 2 ways:

1) Simple, Clear UI : Plain Cloud

Go to this website to download the application for Mac called “Plain Cloud“.


After you intalled, you can simply found all your Files!

You can find the various applications that using your iCloud file sharing services. For examples: Notes, Keynote, ifiles. Click on this. Now, you can copy, delete the files.

2) No need to install the ANY Apps:

– Firstly, your MAC should be log-in with your iCloud Account.

-Press “Command+Shift+G”, then key in “~/Library/Application Support/iLifeAssetManagement/assets/sub/”, btw, no need to key ” “. Just the word from “~” to “/” .

– In the upper right corner of the Finder window, type some words, then search for “Image” and select “Kind: Image” from the pull down menu

– Clear the search that you type. All your images will appear if you enabled the function of “PhotoStream” on your Mac and IOS devices.

P.S. If you want to more clear steps. You find the posts on osXdaily, the icon master.

P.S. If you change the “kind:image” into “kind:document”. Your files also appear!



Concepts: Online Storage with or without WEBDAV(iPad)

Many users like to have an online storage space to keep their files.

Most of them use Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc. But keynote, pages and numbers for iPad needs to use “save as WEBDAV” as share option. I googled some information about it. I found that the main question is:

” What do you want?”

What’s that means? If you just want to save the files or share, you have at least three ways:

1) Sync to iTunes

2) Print (Airprint) it

3) Open as other apps, like “GoodReader”

If your question is

” I want to save my work and then save to my desktop wirelessly, I really hate to use the cable!”

You have 2 ways:

1) You can save to other apps first, I recommend “GoodReader”,  then open the Goodreader’s wifi-transfer function. Open the browser on your desktop, type the “IP address” provided. Then you can “get” your files wirelessly.

2) Save it to other “online storage account, like Dropbox”. Then the apps of your iPad will sync to your client on your desktop! Of course, wirelessly!

So, How about the function of “WEBDAV”?

The final answer is if you want find a way to keep your files more “secure”. You need this “function”, otherwise, normal online storage services are suitable for you already.

Here I found some information about the online storage with WEBDAV(like OxygenCloud) .

You may check this review, and this review out!

P.S. The Online storage list.