OneBox – save your attachments into cloud storage automatically

OneBox is a new cloud services. The concept is OneBox connect your email account and your cloud-based storage services. Once  a new email appears in your account, it will automatically save the attachments into your cloud-based storage, like Dropbox.

Sounds good? Yes, I try it and feel really convenient!

See How’s work:


1) Click ” Try it Now!”



2) Choose the cloud services that you have already signed up.

OneBox.io02 OneBox.io03

3) Get the right to access your “Box”.


4) Then, connect your email account. You can add more than 1 email account. That is, you can connect more than 1 Gmail account.



5) Get the right to access


6) If you want to save your email storage, click this on. OneBox can replace your account’s attachment as link. You can turn off later.



7) If you stop using OneBox, you can follow the steps below.


OneBox.io10 OneBox.io11 OneBox.io12


After using OneBox, your attachments directly drop into your cloud storage. That means it’s automatically sync to your desktop! Must try!




Google Street View Collection

Google starts street view for a long time. Most of the people know that it can view the “street” via google map. The Google team tries to explore more. Thus, they create “Art Project”. It  lets student can walk through famous museums just a second – using first-sight and indoor street view function.

Now, Street view has many collections: World Wonders, Amazon, Ocean, World Landmarks, etc. If you type “Google street view collection” on different country google search engine, it will have different results. Here is some of this:

1) International (probably US) / Japan (probably same as International version)

2) Hong Kong / Taiwan

3) China

Street View – Google Maps01 Street View – Google Maps02 Street View – Google Maps03




CK12 – ONE stop portal in Education

CK12 – It s a free website funded by CK-12 Foundation. It’s provide free Online Textbooks , FlashCards,  Exercises  etc.

CK 12 - home


You can found that in different learning topics: Arithmetic, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Analysis, Calculus, Life Science, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Engineering, Technology, English, Astronomy, History, Economics, SAT Exam Prep

You can use your “Google”, “Facebook” or “Twitter” account to sign in.

CK 12 - signin


But, if you just  want to take a look. NO sign in required.


Application for Educaiton

The best thing of this site is embeded “Google Translate” that provided into 75 languages!

Timelapse – Look and see the world changed

Timelapse offers a new way to look into our world. By the power of  Google, you can search the place and see the different from 1983 up to now.

Timelapse  - home


Timelapse - explore



Now, you can use it to take a research about climate, desert, lake or use of natural resources.


Application of Education

This website provides visual images about same place in different time. Very suitable geography and science student to collect various information on their research topic.

And, it’s Free!


HP VantagePoint – replace the blackboard in future

Today, I saw news from Engadget about HP and a private school in Taiwan created a “Future Classroom”. You can imagine that all product use what brand. The most catching my eyes is using “HP VantagePoint” as  Blackboard.

Here is what HP described their VantagePoint:

Six HP LD4730G Micro-Bezel Digital Signage Displays arranged in a 3×2 grid that provides an 11-foot wide by 7-foot high experience
a full 132”-diagonal touch surface
up to 32 simultaneous touch points for multi-person, multi-touch interactive applications
ultra high resolution (4098×1536) supporting the next generation of high-definition content

HP VantagePoint - home

As HP claimed, this is “a commercial grade system”. I’m no idea what the price is. It seems it can’t easily see it everywhere. But it should be a good start!

Below I found a video from Engadget:



Boolify – Custom Google search for Kids

Boolify – Provide a custom search function for your kids – in a more easy way!

Boolify - home

This site gives 5 options at left-side bar to let you “drag” to right-hand side. After you drag it, it gives you input your search word.

For example: I want to search “Steve Jobs  in 1987”.

Boolify - custom search

Application for Education:

Why not use Google Search directly? Teaching students how to use Google Search smartly is one the aims of IT lesson.

Now  you no need let students memorize “And”, “OR” such phase. All they have to do are “drag and input”, this is easier for young kids.

P.S. Work with iPad. WoW!

Coggle – Beautiful Online MindMap Services

Coggle – It’s an online mindmap service. After you sign in with your google account. You can start to create immediately!

coggle - home

Simple and clear UI let you easy to create a mindmap as you want.

Coggle - reg

Basically, you need to know two methods:

1) Press  “+” to create the new and Press “Ctrl” to move/ blend.

2) Hold “Ctrl” and press “X” (at the end of line) to delete

Coggle - design UI

You can 7 colors to create your Mind Map.

Coogle - 7colours

After you finished, you can share to “Facebook” or download it as “PNG” or “PDF”

Coggle - export

My Work 😛

New MindMap

If you want to share with your students or friends, you can copy the link like this. Or enter their email as co-workers.

Application for Education

For teachers, the share link helps you show the MindMap for students in teaching. For students, you can edit your MindMap collaboratively. One more that I found this services is great – its support various language input, like Chinese!

P.S. After testing on my iPad, it works! You can also “touch and move” to blend the line. Also, you can add/delete when you “touch and hold” the line. Redo and Undo also available when you “touch and hold”! Amazing!

Google Earth v7 – New Earth New Features

Google Earth launched a new version: Google Earth 7.

Google Earth 7 - home

Base on basic features. Google Earth add an NEW “Tour Guide” for  100,000 tours and 1 million photos.

Mostly, your Google Earth version is 6.0.2


After you installed, you will see the “Tour Guide” blow. Otherwise, you can go to “View” to appear.

How to use:

1) From the beginning, you should choose the right “place” (Tour). For example : India.

Google Earth 7 - Choose Country

2) Google Earth will go there (India) automatically.

3) Choose and Click the place to have a tour. For example: Mountain Everest.

Google Earth 7  -  mountain Everest

4) Video vs Photo:

If you found a “time” displayed on the thumbnail, that means it’s a video tour. Otherwise, it’s a photo to take the right place.

Google Earth 7 - Video and Photo

Jam With Chrome – Online Play and Learn Music Instruments

Google launched a Free Online Play and Learn Music Instruments – Jam with Chrome.

It provided 19 instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, , Electric Guitar, Drums, Drum Machine.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Each Instrument has two Mode: Pro Mode and Easy Mode.

Easy Mode let you play the instrument directly. Some instrument may included demo rhythm.

Pro Mode let you use more keyboard keys to control the instrument.

You may also invite friends (up to 3) to jam music with you.

Application for Education:

Google Teams did a good job! Music Teachers, parents will really love this site!

Google Search tips

Below it’s some of Google searching tips which is give a big hand on your searching  jobs: Let’s take a look.

1) Put a phrase in quotes(”  “)

search for a phrase or part a sentence in web pages

2) Use a asterisk (*)

to represent an unknow word

3) Use the search parameter (site:)

to narrow down your search, can use (”   “)

4) Chinese or English Character also can be put in together  (   ,   )

5) Use the search parameter (intitle🙂

to narrow down your search

6) Use the search parameter (inurl🙂

to narrow down your search in url

7) Use the search parameter (filetype🙂


9) define – find the meaning the  word( define XXX)

P.S. may take a look on the following web site:

1) 100 tips on google search

2) 25 tips on google search

3) youtube

Poster: Google Tips_Tricks_17x22