FlipQuiz – Gameshow-style boards

FlipQuiz – it’s a new online services for teachers to create the quiz.

Just having a quick try, it satisfied for me! As Flipquiz is easy to use, sign up then all gets to work!



FlipQuiz - dashboard

FlipQuiz - create 01

You can simply enter your board’s name. Entering the question and answer, the rest leave it to Flipquiz. All done in a second!

Then you can login in any devices PC/MAC, iPad or Android to start your board and review what you talk with students!



The Playground of Mathematics

The Playground of Mathematics – it’s an online service about math exercise. You can choose your language (13 types)  to do the exercises in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

playground math - home After you choose your right languages at the top of website, you can start your exercise.

playground math - typeAlso, you can set the difficulty on different types of math.

playground math - settings


After all the settings done, you can do your exercise via keyboard or just through the web!

playground math - math


Application for Education

Just a quick try of the web. I really love this web so much. Easy to use and helpful. You can use it right on your desktop or mobile devices. And, it’s free!

Hopscotch – Game Programming on iPad

Hopscotch – It is a wonderful game programming apps on iPad!  Simple concepts in 3 words: drag, edit and play.

Hopscotch - home

All programming right on the iPad, you no need a PC to handle your code. JUST drag the code (like scratch developed by MIT), edit the parameter (like “colour”, “length”), then “play” or test it right on your iPad.

Hopscotch - UI

NO PC or Mac and no installation – better than other game programming software or apps. Of course, it just in beta stage of Hopscotch, the function is in small number. But, the idea is great!

Maybe you still can’t understand what I’m talking about, the link below may show you how’s  Hopscotch work:


Application for Education

If you are work on iPad in the classroom, you should like this apps. If you a teacher who teaching programming in school, you also like this apps. This is one of my favourite apps!