Memtimeter – Online Vote System on Different Devices

Memtimeter – You can create a question, then audience can vote via browser(PC/MAC), SmartPhones and Tablet.

No any Registration needed. It also support Chinese Characters.

Memtimeter Video


You can try “” and input “27298” to vote.

Application for Education

As the videos says, it’s a different way to let your student to concentrate what they learn.



Poll Everywhere – Online FREE Poll System(Updated)

Poll Everywhere wins Edtechdigest 2013 finalists winners in “Assessment Solution”. Congratulations!

Poll Everywhere is a online free poll system.

It’s Free for under 40 students in the classroom.

You can use the laptop to key in the questions, then your students use their own device to response.

Just that simple!

Here is the adv video. I like this actor very much!
[vimeo 37674303 w=400 h=300]

Application for Education

Maybe you can’t use it in the classroom if your students haven’t devices. But it is a great tool for you to launch staff development, like teacher training. Get their feedback. I think it should be a good motivation for the adult!

Only English Text supported.