Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

It has several functions:

1) Record Your PC/Mac Screen with the click of a button

2) Record whatever you want, for as long as you want- FREE

3) Capture Video and Audio Simultaneously(Capture both system and microphone sound)

4) Record your memories using our WebCam Capture feature

5) Screenshot ANYTHING feature lets you document your life with ease

6) Powerful Easy Edit feature gives you better results in less time

7) Convert to the best file format for you

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Application for Education:

It’s free! After testing, smooth and fast is my comment! you can record both system and microphone sound at once!

Also, after you recorded the video, you can convert the other format online in the same application!

NO installation expect JAVA(the first time)! No Cost!


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ScreenSnag – Capture your screen / Browser for Windows

ScreenSnag – It’s powered by Wolfcoders. After you download the EXE file, you can capture your screen or active brower as jpeg or copy to clipboard.

All this features are FREE! The UI is Nice and Clear. Easy to use!



Reflection & Airserver – Mac/Win apps

– It’s a tools install on Mac or Windows to mirroring and record video  the ipad2, new iPad or iPhone 4S’s control

– It’s cost $14.99.

Reflection website

Airserver website

Blog’s view

– Here is the demo video on using GoodReader on iPad.

P.S. According to user review:

Reflection – smooth but easily to crash, can be record

Airserver – lag but haven’t crash

AppleTV + Kanex(HTMI to VGA&audio)$468 is the best.

P.S. 2 Here is the other user review:

Reflection allows audio for PC, Airserver only video ATM
for PCS. Promising audio soon. BOTH work audio/video for Mac. Inconsistent
connections on our school wifi.

PicPick – capture screen software





  • 支援自動滾動、雙螢幕、聲效
  • 輸出到檔案、印表機、Office 軟體、外部程式
  • 分享到 FTP、E-mail、Facebook、Twitter 等
  • 全螢幕
  • 工作中視窗
  • 視窗控制元件
  • 區域、固定區域
  • 手繪區域
  • 重複上次螢幕擷取


  • 界面易用,幾乎不需要幫助檔案。
  • 支援 Windows 7 Ribbon 風格,也支援傳統工具欄。
  • 標準繪畫、圖形、箭頭、線、文字等工具。
  • 具備特殊功能:透明度、模糊、銳化、亮度、對比度、色調、飽和度、翻轉、旋轉等


  • 不同顏色類型:RGB, HTML, C++, Delphi。
  • 支援 PhotoShop 格式(RGB/HSV)轉換。
  • 選擇並保存你喜歡的顏色。


  • 豎直或水平方向。
  • 不同單位:像素、釐米、英吋。
  • 解析度 DPI:72, 96, 120, 300。
  • 色階面板。
  • 不再需要安裝其他螢幕標尺軟體。


  • 放大 2 倍~10 倍。
  • 置於頂層、平滑顯示、放大視窗可改變大小。


  • 你在其他軟體中見過量角器功能嗎?


  • 在圖片設計程式中對齊對象。
  • 測量螢幕上相對距離。
  • 相比標尺,有人更偏好這一功能。


  • 用於演示,或螢幕標註。