DeskConnect – Transfer your files between Mac and IOS

DeskConnect – it’s a new service to transfer your files, like photos, doc, Websites, to your Mac or iDevices.

The workflow is really simple: 1) installs the app from Mac store on your Mac  2) install the app from App Store.

DeskConnect  - home


The advantages of DeskConnect is Free and convenient. No need to upgrade to IOS 7 but has the same functions on AirDrop.

After a short try, I like its speed which is really fast.

Application for Education

Teachers can use this app to transfer the files to students easily. I used this app to share the “Flash” content to my students’ devices and open it from “Puffin” directly!


OurPad – Personalize your Public iPad into Private

OurPad – This app has a great idea. That is  change your iPad which is shared with someone. You can make some sociable apps like Facebook, twitter. Or some personal cloud storage account like Dropbox. All these apps “pack” into one account under OurPad. Great? Yes! You can use your personal login (Draw a path like Android-based Devices). Then all account you setup before will automated login!

OurPad App  - Home

Application for Education:

Imagine the iPad in school change as student-based Devices. All students can set up their own account to login their own apps with one single login. This make out-door activities much easier.

Lookout – Your security guard of smartphone

Lookout – It’s a Free services to provide IOS and Android devices (from smartphone to tablet) security features.

Like as IOS “Find my phone” feature. You can locate your phone / tablet via internet. But, Lookout can save your device’s location signal before it runs out of battery! Quite intelligent!

Also, “Find my phone” only works on IOS devices. Now having Lookout, Android devices have same protection.

If you want more security features (only on Android users), you can consider their pay version here.


Application for Education:

Download the APPS on school-owned devices, you can check their location quickly!

Maily – Kid’s Own Mail APP

Maily – It’s a Free IOS App(download here). You can create the email accounts to your kids. Your kid(s) can draw, write, stamp to their emails. Once finished, they just tap one button to send to you. No spam, no junk mail. And the most important is FUN!

Check out this video now!

Application for Education:

Imagine you have 30 “KIDS” in your Classroom. Fun?

Muzy – Online Stunning Photo Collage Services

Muay – It can let you organize your photos from different source: Facebook you and your friend’s Album, Google Image or upload by yourself and even Webcam!

After using their different Photo Collage Services: PhotoBox or Photo Collage. You can share the works via Facebook and Twitter.

The main different between PhotoBox and PhotoCollage are background and text.


Application for Education

Although It can’t input Chinese Characters, it still a good tools to student organize their discussion or field trip.

Nearpod – all-in-one solution on iPad’s teaching (fully updated)

Nearpod is a new tool for e-teaching launched in 2012. I know this app around mid-September. It’s an IOS APPS which can be used in iPad, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod Touch such devices.

The concept of Nearpod is simple: providing interactive tools for teaching  – in a simple way.

Nearpod - home

The working flow as below :

1) Upload your PPT (need save a PDF) / image/ PDF  to their online server.

2) Add “interactive” functions on your NPP for free account (i.e. Nearpod called their presentation is NPP). This included Poll, Quiz, Q&A, Draw, Video etc. If you a paid user, you can add “slide” function(watcher can view several images in one slide) and “browse the internet” functions. Behind on this, “homework” function also added.

3) Publish your NPP on their server. (Just one click!)

4) Then go back to your iPad Nearpod APPS to lunch your NPP

5) Let your student enter the course “PIN” on their iPad/iPad mini/ iPhone /iPod Touch.

6) After the course, you can send the report to your email account.

Nearpod - create01Nearpod - create02

Nearpod - create03

In my experience, using Google Chrome browser maybe better on “drag and drop” function.:)

After you import your file, then you can rearrange the slide and add “interactive” functions.

Nearpod - create04Nearpod - create05

Nearpod - create06

Each interactive function is easy to handle and it supports Chinese characters! Below is one of the examples:

Nearpod - create07

After you click done, you go back the main create panel to “publish” your presentation to your iPad.

Application of Education

This tool is really awesome! I can’t believe that it’s free! I teach around 100 schools ‘ teacher/ respective about this new  e-teaching tools. It’s so impress on them!

Here I want drop out some FAQ about this tool:

1) Free account support 1:30 class. Paid user can get more.

2) The teacher can view who join the presentation.

3) Nearpod can be used in different networks. That is no need using one the same WiFi network.

4) Support Chinese Characters.

5) You can control the student’s view. You can jump between different slides but your students never miss it.

6)  Using “share link” can share website for student.

7) Using “interactive’ functions can give feedback to students instantly. For example, after students draw a picture on the iPad. That picture will show the teacher’ s iPad immediately. The teacher can choose one of them and share the best picture to all students!

8) All students’ performances can email to your account as a PDF.

9) If available, don’t download the NPP on the student’s device at once. The network becomes very slow. But you can download two-by-two or three-by-three, each one will only cost within 30 second to download!

10) You can share your NPPs to the other Nearpod user even you just got a free account!

Welcome any questions about Nearpod. Hope you can enjoy this great tool!

Edmodo – Free LMS intranet

EdmodocommunitiesAll groups in Edmodo.

P.S. some hints on providing Edmodo training class:

create a new, temporary group and have teachers join
use each function once
(1 quiz, 1 reply, 1 assignment)
-Spend time on the
-Expand and contract (teachers need time to experiment on
their own, then back to the larger group
But all the best PD in the world
will not help anyone unless they take it back into their classroom and actually
try it…

Collect student iPad creation on Edmodo

introduction to digital citizenship starter kit