FlipQuiz – Gameshow-style boards

FlipQuiz – it’s a new online services for teachers to create the quiz.

Just having a quick try, it satisfied for me! As Flipquiz is easy to use, sign up then all gets to work!



FlipQuiz - dashboard

FlipQuiz - create 01

You can simply enter your board’s name. Entering the question and answer, the rest leave it to Flipquiz. All done in a second!

Then you can login in any devices PC/MAC, iPad or Android to start your board and review what you talk with students!



Hopscotch – Game Programming on iPad

Hopscotch – It is a wonderful game programming apps on iPad!  Simple concepts in 3 words: drag, edit and play.

Hopscotch - home

All programming right on the iPad, you no need a PC to handle your code. JUST drag the code (like scratch developed by MIT), edit the parameter (like “colour”, “length”), then “play” or test it right on your iPad.

Hopscotch - UI

NO PC or Mac and no installation – better than other game programming software or apps. Of course, it just in beta stage of Hopscotch, the function is in small number. But, the idea is great!

Maybe you still can’t understand what I’m talking about, the link below may show you how’s  Hopscotch work:


Application for Education

If you are work on iPad in the classroom, you should like this apps. If you a teacher who teaching programming in school, you also like this apps. This is one of my favourite apps!




Quizdini – Online Quiz creator

Quizdini – It offer you a Free services to create the quiz for your students.

Quizdini - home

After sign in, you can create Multiple Choice as your quiz. After that, you can embed code on your website, email the link for the students to use. It support non-english characters, liked Chinese!

Application for Education

This services doesn’t has tracing services on their quiz. As ref on Q&A, they set the aim of  this services is teaching nor assessment!

What makes Quizdini different?

At Quizdini, our goal is to help you teach and your students learn! Since we wouldn’t want anyone tracking our children – a practice we actually find quite creepy – we don’t advertise or store sensitive information on your students. We don’t believe in behavioral targeting and all that goes with it, so we are committed to providing you a simple easy-to-use, easy-to-control, cost-free system that helps you help your students.

World Landmarks Puzzles – Puzzle game on World’s Landmarks

World Landmarks Puzzles – It’s a Flash Games for students learn World’s Landmarks.

All Is Flash based games, Puffin browser for iPad used.

World Landmarks Puzzles - home

It has three levels to select: Easy(12 pcs), Medium(24 pcs) and Hard(48 pcs)

World Landmarks Puzzles  - game level select

World Landmarks Puzzles  - Play mode


After solve the problem, it can see the Landmarks’s description.

World Landmarks Puzzles  - description


Application for Education

Social Science teachers: Do you love it?