FlipQuiz – Gameshow-style boards

FlipQuiz – it’s a new online services for teachers to create the quiz.

Just having a quick try, it satisfied for me! As Flipquiz is easy to use, sign up then all gets to work!



FlipQuiz - dashboard

FlipQuiz - create 01

You can simply enter your board’s name. Entering the question and answer, the rest leave it to Flipquiz. All done in a second!

Then you can login in any devices PC/MAC, iPad or Android to start your board and review what you talk with students!



The Playground of Mathematics

The Playground of Mathematics – it’s an online service about math exercise. You can choose your language (13 types)  to do the exercises in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

playground math - home After you choose your right languages at the top of website, you can start your exercise.

playground math - typeAlso, you can set the difficulty on different types of math.

playground math - settings


After all the settings done, you can do your exercise via keyboard or just through the web!

playground math - math


Application for Education

Just a quick try of the web. I really love this web so much. Easy to use and helpful. You can use it right on your desktop or mobile devices. And, it’s free!

QuestBase – online multi-platform assessment system

QuestBase  provided an online assessment platform. It supports various platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, etc.

Teachers need to sign up an account. It used to create the test and questions through their platform.

QuestBase - home



QuestBase - My Account QuestBase - profilo


This platform can let you create many types of question: MC/ True & False, Fill-in-the-blank, Essay, etc.

QuestBase - questions type


This platform support chinese characters(view only, not support printed version)  and the most important features: Equation!

QuestBase - equation


After you key in all the questions, you can output as online test (multi-platform), or print it as traditional test paper.

QuestBase - output


Then you can prepare to publish the online test.

QuestBase - online 01 QuestBase - online 02 QuestBase - online 03

After you finished the online test. You can “double-click” the online test that you prepared. You can find the “pin” cod e for students to join in. Student can go to QuestBase website. Type in the right “Pin” code and start the online test.

QuestBase - online 04


Application for Education

Teachers can be used to create an online test for student for  Free. Easy to use and can output as traditional test paper. Awesome!






Nearpod Business – Launched!

Nearpod Business launched at  July, 2013. A new and enhanced version of  Nearpod for Education.

It still free. All features can be used on Nearpod Business version. Yes! Would you  see the bright point? Yes, all features! If you an old user of  Nearpod (mostly of us less than 1-year using), you might know that both “sideshow” & “Browse the Internet” can’t use for Free user. It just provided several times to use under free account.

But now, Nearpod Business version, you can use it ! Thanks Nearpod Team.

Besides, this Nearpod Team gives us “On Demand” and “Live” functions. “Live” likes the pervious “Launch” function. You can control audience.  But this time free account only support 3 per session (like 3 students).

For “On demand” , you can share via email / pin to audience up to 100 per month. That’s really flexible for presenter. Also, the audience can view the NPP(Nearpod presentation) by themselves. i.e. no control functions like “Homework for education Nearpod version”.

This version supports “web app”. That means you can “join session” via PC/MAC. As this features only included on school account when it’s at Nearpod for Education Version. I have no idea when they switch back. Hope that this feature can keep it forever. I use it from September last year to now. Nearpod Team work very hard of it and always gives us surprise. Love Nearpod and their hard work!


Nearpod biz - home Nearpod biz - internet Nearpod biz - pricing Nearpod biz - sign up Nearpod biz - slideshow Nearpod biz - web app


ExamTime – Personal study platfrom

Today, I heard about this online platform – ExamTime. Just testing in a short time, I found that it’s seems, mostly likely a self-study platform. But, of course, it supports peer-to-peer co-learning.

This platform let create MindMap, Quiz, flashcard for learning.

ExamTime -  Home


ExamTime - Sign upExamTime - control panel


As this site only in beta stage, that means not many functions can be select. Maybe give a try after it lunched.


Quizlet – create quiz to your students easily

Quizlet  is an online services which is work with mobile device and desktop.

In general, you just type the “matching words” , system will turn your words into the different type of games.

By the way of that, system can pronounce the word for you in over 60 different language (list here).

Quizlet - home Quizlet - signup

Quizlet - free accountQuizlet - UI


After you create your exercise, you can play with voice on your mobile devices or desktop.

Application for Education

Can’t imagine this service is FREE! If you want to add your own image on your questions, you need to upgrade. Otherwise, free account just suitable for most users.


CK12 – ONE stop portal in Education

CK12 – It s a free website funded by CK-12 Foundation. It’s provide free Online Textbooks , FlashCards,  Exercises  etc.

CK 12 - home


You can found that in different learning topics: Arithmetic, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Trigonometry, Analysis, Calculus, Life Science, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Engineering, Technology, English, Astronomy, History, Economics, SAT Exam Prep

You can use your “Google”, “Facebook” or “Twitter” account to sign in.

CK 12 - signin


But, if you just  want to take a look. NO sign in required.


Application for Educaiton

The best thing of this site is embeded “Google Translate” that provided into 75 languages!

XtraMath – Doing extra Math online

XtraMath – online Math platform for free. This website is an non-profit, and no adv. It gives you your students or child an extra exercise.

XtraMath - home

At first, you need to sign up as parent or teacher. It may need to find out what the school you teach.

XtraMath - signup

Then you have a checklist to make “XtraMath” work.

XtraMath - checkin

You can add student, print flyer to parent, print the PIN for students.

XtraMath- addStudent

XtraMath - parent flyers01 XtraMath - parent flyers02 XtraMath - Student PINs

After the above settings, you can set up your classroom/ home computers with “Classroom IN”.

Simply open the website of “XtraMath“. Click “sign in” and “Classroom”. Type the “PIN” then done.

XtraMath - Classroom Sign In

Also, you can sign in as parent and student.

XtraMath - Student Sign In XtraMath - Teacher Sign In

After you set up the computer in your classroom, student only need their teacher’s email, their own PIN and their name to start doing the exercise. After that, you can see who has finished the quiz in which date and month.

Application for Education

Thanks XtraMath! It makes school has extra exercise for student. No adv and spam on the site makes school easy to handle. Why not set up the account now!

P.S. work well with iPad. You can set your iPad as one of classroom computers!

Typing Club – learn typing in new way

Typing Club – it is an online learning typing website. You can learn it step by step.

TypingClub - home TypingClub - UI TypingClub - UI2


Application for Education

This website has one special function: it has school version! You no need any special registration for personal improvement. As a teacher, this website gives you report to track your students process. That is really give a big help for teacher. And it’s Free!



Soo Meta – integrate live poll in video

Soo Meta – integrate live poll in video. This website is a special one I haven’t seen.

Soo Meta — home

Let’s see what they claimed :

Start creating video presentations out of pictures, videos, sounds, text & add quick polls into the mix.

By adding video, photo, text  and live poll, you can publish a video with 10 poll inside of it.(Free account)

Just imagine after you post a video. Audience watched it and poll the question that you created. The statistics will appeared on your dashboard of Soo Meta website!

Here is the procedure how to make a video:

1) Registration

Soo Meta - reg

Soo Meta - price list

2) Enter your story/video title

Soo Meta - new title

3) Add Video by search or enter url (support Chinese character)

Soo Meta - search obama

4) Add test and background image

Soo Meta - inserted

Soo Meta - UI

Soo Meta - video length

5) Add poll

Soo Meta  - add poll

6) Publish : You can publish as ” Visible with password”

Soo Meta - share

7) audience will enter the url and password

Soo Meta - publish01

8) The statistics

Soo Meta - statistics

Application for Education

For me, I found a bit difficult to use it. Mainly on the creating flow of the video. But I think my captured images will help a lot. As adding poll inside the video, students can make use of the video for self learning. Teachers can make use of the statistics to see what students understand of not. What a great tools.

HP VantagePoint – replace the blackboard in future

Today, I saw news from Engadget about HP and a private school in Taiwan created a “Future Classroom”. You can imagine that all product use what brand. The most catching my eyes is using “HP VantagePoint” as  Blackboard.

Here is what HP described their VantagePoint:

Six HP LD4730G Micro-Bezel Digital Signage Displays arranged in a 3×2 grid that provides an 11-foot wide by 7-foot high experience
a full 132”-diagonal touch surface
up to 32 simultaneous touch points for multi-person, multi-touch interactive applications
ultra high resolution (4098×1536) supporting the next generation of high-definition content

HP VantagePoint - home

As HP claimed, this is “a commercial grade system”. I’m no idea what the price is. It seems it can’t easily see it everywhere. But it should be a good start!

Below I found a video from Engadget:



MDL2 – Free Moodle services

MDl2 let you create your own site for e-learning which is powered by the latest Moodle.

The site claimed itself NOT a company, so this services required to donate some bugs as you want.

Registration is easy: 1) enter your site name 2) your email address

After you enter information above, you will received an email about the login details.

Also, base on this free services running smoothly, your site may be disabled  under some conditions:

Unused sites will be automatically disabled after 30 days without a valid login (only a week if the site is empty).
Disabled sites will be permanently and irreversibly deleted from our backups one month later.
If you are an active donor your site will not be disabled.

MDL2.com  - home


Application for Education

I really appreciate about their work. No any cost, no limit on bandwidth, no limit on disk space. It’s awesome and kind!

The aims of this services is spreading the use of Moodle. Check this out if you also interested in!

helping us to give this service for free to other users who cannot afford it.



GCFLearnFree – Online learning Course

GCGLearnFree – It has different topics to learn: Language, Maths, Computer Skills

Application for Education

Place it into the school intranet. Let the students go through the topics as interest. Pass the related link to students via email / intranet before  the lessons (says learning Google Drive). Watch the video at home, do the exercises in school. That is Flipped Classroom in Blended Learning!

myMathUniverse – Online Video course about Maths

Finding the Website about Maths called  “mymathuniverse“. It’s using Video to explain the Maths.

I think it is useful for students during homework. Also, It has flash games to make more interest for the students.

If you use Puffin Free Browser on iPad, You can see this site(all videos) smoothly!


Virtual Nerd: step by step maths tutorial video.