Blubbr – embed question on youtube

Blubbr – It’s an online services let you create some sort of questions into YouTube.

Students can watch and answer questions at the same way.

Blubbr - home blubbr - start


blubbr - Brave blubbr - Brave01


Brave Demo on

That’s a fun idea. Students can watch video in learning.


Popcorn Maker – Mix online video just a second

Popcorn maker let you “mix” online video (like YouTube and Vimeo) with several tools.

All jobs can do it online. No installation needed.

Popcorn Maker - home

1) Just click ” start a project”.

2) Add “media” from online video source (like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, HTML5 videos)

Popcorn Maker - step 1

3) you can edit the video by “mute” video and audio output of this video. Amazing! I can make my own Music Video!!

Popcorn Maker - step 2

4) Then, you need to add pop-up, text, etc to your video.

Popcorn Maker - step 3 Popcorn Maker - step 4

5) Be careful! If you want the pop-up or text show above on your clip. You must rearrange the “Layer” order. (I.e. Video is at the bottom.)

Popcorn Maker - step 5

Popcorn Maker - save

6) After all your creation, you can sign in and save your project.

7) You can share and email your stuff to your friend.

Popcorn Maker - share

Application for Education

It’s free to edit and mix your video. You can embed your stuff on your blog. It’s good for students to present their work!

Soo Meta – integrate live poll in video

Soo Meta – integrate live poll in video. This website is a special one I haven’t seen.

Soo Meta — home

Let’s see what they claimed :

Start creating video presentations out of pictures, videos, sounds, text & add quick polls into the mix.

By adding video, photo, text  and live poll, you can publish a video with 10 poll inside of it.(Free account)

Just imagine after you post a video. Audience watched it and poll the question that you created. The statistics will appeared on your dashboard of Soo Meta website!

Here is the procedure how to make a video:

1) Registration

Soo Meta - reg

Soo Meta - price list

2) Enter your story/video title

Soo Meta - new title

3) Add Video by search or enter url (support Chinese character)

Soo Meta - search obama

4) Add test and background image

Soo Meta - inserted

Soo Meta - UI

Soo Meta - video length

5) Add poll

Soo Meta  - add poll

6) Publish : You can publish as ” Visible with password”

Soo Meta - share

7) audience will enter the url and password

Soo Meta - publish01

8) The statistics

Soo Meta - statistics

Application for Education

For me, I found a bit difficult to use it. Mainly on the creating flow of the video. But I think my captured images will help a lot. As adding poll inside the video, students can make use of the video for self learning. Teachers can make use of the statistics to see what students understand of not. What a great tools.

myMathUniverse – Online Video course about Maths

Finding the Website about Maths called  “mymathuniverse“. It’s using Video to explain the Maths.

I think it is useful for students during homework. Also, It has flash games to make more interest for the students.

If you use Puffin Free Browser on iPad, You can see this site(all videos) smoothly!


Virtual Nerd: step by step maths tutorial video.