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PixiClip – share online sketches message

PixiClip – it’s an online services let you send online message with your sketches or record voice and webcam for your PC/MAC.

PiciClip - homePixiClip - Menu


Applications for Education

For flipped classroom, for personal tutorial use.



Flaticon – Free vectors icons

Flaticon – it can download Free vector icons in a second.

flaticon - home


It divided into 33 categories for you to choose the icons.

Flaticon - 33 categories


All you have to do is choose the right one. You can download as “svg” or “png” Which can use it in illustrator or Photoshop. Or, you can download it both.

Also, you can click “trending icons” to see what icons are in trend. Really convenient for us.

Flaticon - icon


Application for Education

This is suitable for students to handle their homework with license  free. Really Great!



Recordmp3 – record online

Recordmp3 is an online service to let you recording mp3 online. After giving permission to use your computer’s mic and a video cam. You can start to record your voice.

Recordmp3 - home

After your recording, you can save it as mp3 or share the link to others. Really simple to use.

Recordmp3 - UIRecordmp3 - saveRecordmp3 - save02

Applications for Education

Now Teachers can record their own voice to instruct student their homework after school. Students can record their conclusion of the report. Really easy to use and useful! No sign up is required.

Sketchlot – create & share sketches

Sketchlot – A new web 2.0 services that you can create , share your sketch to others. But this tool is specially designed for educational use. It can also support share student’s sketch to peer (all  or selected) or teachers!

The flow is : teacher needs to sign up account, add students account (just need name and password).

Then, teacher can create his/her sketchlot first, then pass share and choose the selected student to share. After it, students will received the teacher’s sketch or student can create their own piece and share to peer.

All flow can be done within the browser. Really good for school in teaching!

Sketchlot - home

1) Create teacher’s account, remember need to create a “class code” with letter and number.

sketchlot - Tsignup


2) Then you will see a control panel. Now, you should create student list.

sketchlot - panel

3) Student account password can be same on saving. But I did not recommend the same password as you can’t access it except the first student.

sketchlot - password



4) Create your own sketch , then press share sketch button.

sketchlot - save

5) Student can use browser to login into sketchlot website (using class code you assigned and students password). If students share their own sketch to you. You will see them on the control panel( refresh the browser in case no can’t see anything).

sketchlot - login

Sketchlot - sharing


Application for Education

Teachers can use them inside the classroom. I just found that you can use it on “Nearpod” share function. It works well.



KS Office – shareplay your presentation

Today I test an APP which is come from Kingsoft software. This company probably a china company which is famous on Office Suite called “Kingsoft office professional 2013“. The main functions of this software can edit or create documents like doc, xls and ppt. That is doing same functions of Microsoft office – with free or cheapest price.

Kingsoft Office - home

But now, I told that APPS is used on IOS/ Android. Let’s see what it can do:

1) Video Play in PPT is unique to Kingsoft

2) support  cloud storage

3) share play function

4) High compatibility with Microsoft Office PPT

5) Optimized for iPhone 5

6) more functions

After several times to use, I really like the function of “shareplay”. This function support “play” your presentation in different devices at the same time. Some post like this said that It only support 6 devices in total. More than 6, you should need a projector. Other apps can have “share” function like slideshark. But it only has presenter vs audience mode – 1 control many. But inside this Kingsoft (PPT for IOS free) apps, all audience and presenter. That means you can control (move forward and backward) and draw note after you join the presentation. Really smooth and clever!

Below it’s a video about this function on Android:

Btw, This is a free apps.


Postach.io – Evernote as Blog

Postach.io is a new blog services but gives it in a new way – using Evernote.

Unlike Blogger, WordPress etc, Postach.io connected with Evernote as CMS (Content Management System). Blogger and WordPress using their own storage to post the blog.  Postach.io use other web services – Evernote.  All your content still keep it on your Evernote account.

Postach.io has two functions that I really like it : can using with Skitch for everyone and IFTTT services. Using Skitch for Evernote that means you can draw something on  your blog.  Also, Evernote can support share folders to others. Your blog changed multi-author’s blog(example). Using IFTTT services just changed all posting activates automatically!

Postach.io - home


Application for Educaiton

Free, no setup. All you have to do is using your Evernote account. Just imagine that create the class blog during school picnic or field trip. Each student can post what they learn and see. Cool!


Nearpod Business – Launched!

Nearpod Business launched at  July, 2013. A new and enhanced version of  Nearpod for Education.

It still free. All features can be used on Nearpod Business version. Yes! Would you  see the bright point? Yes, all features! If you an old user of  Nearpod (mostly of us less than 1-year using), you might know that both “sideshow” & “Browse the Internet” can’t use for Free user. It just provided several times to use under free account.

But now, Nearpod Business version, you can use it ! Thanks Nearpod Team.

Besides, this Nearpod Team gives us “On Demand” and “Live” functions. “Live” likes the pervious “Launch” function. You can control audience.  But this time free account only support 3 per session (like 3 students).

For “On demand” , you can share via email / pin to audience up to 100 per month. That’s really flexible for presenter. Also, the audience can view the NPP(Nearpod presentation) by themselves. i.e. no control functions like “Homework for education Nearpod version”.

This version supports “web app”. That means you can “join session” via PC/MAC. As this features only included on school account when it’s at Nearpod for Education Version. I have no idea when they switch back. Hope that this feature can keep it forever. I use it from September last year to now. Nearpod Team work very hard of it and always gives us surprise. Love Nearpod and their hard work!


Nearpod biz - home Nearpod biz - internet Nearpod biz - pricing Nearpod biz - sign up Nearpod biz - slideshow Nearpod biz - web app


Haniboi – Show your words with them

Haniboi – This online services come from Taiwan. The concept is really simple.

All you have to do is “type your word” , then the cartoon men will show your word immediately.

You can download as “square” and “Facebook banner” size.

Haniboi - home


After you enter your word, you can change the background colour, download it or share to Facebook / Twitter.

Haniboi - sample


Here is my word “Welcome to my blog!”

haniboi - upup



Popcorn Maker – Mix online video just a second

Popcorn maker let you “mix” online video (like YouTube and Vimeo) with several tools.

All jobs can do it online. No installation needed.

Popcorn Maker - home

1) Just click ” start a project”.

2) Add “media” from online video source (like YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, HTML5 videos)

Popcorn Maker - step 1

3) you can edit the video by “mute” video and audio output of this video. Amazing! I can make my own Music Video!!

Popcorn Maker - step 2

4) Then, you need to add pop-up, text, etc to your video.

Popcorn Maker - step 3 Popcorn Maker - step 4

5) Be careful! If you want the pop-up or text show above on your clip. You must rearrange the “Layer” order. (I.e. Video is at the bottom.)

Popcorn Maker - step 5

Popcorn Maker - save

6) After all your creation, you can sign in and save your project.

7) You can share and email your stuff to your friend.

Popcorn Maker - share

Application for Education

It’s free to edit and mix your video. You can embed your stuff on your blog. It’s good for students to present their work!

Faturl – Shorten your URLs into one

Faturl – This website’s concept is simple. It gives you a service to group all your URLs into one – into one shorten link.

All you have to do it input (or copy and paste) the links, give a title of the link. Then all stuff will combine into one shorten link. Not like other shorten link services (famous one is Goo.gl). You can group all into one. Really convenient to teacher when he want to tell students the several web links. Just tell them one, they get all!

FatURL - home

Now, I group 5 links into one as example. That is the most vistors like my post in my site.

1) MP3cut     2) Coggle     3) Xtramath     4) PicMonkey     5) Muzy

FatURL - Group

Then you can get the FatURL link / QRCode like below:


FatURL - result

FatURL - tab

Application for Education

Simple and Fast. All works with iPad. Suitable for teachers!

P.S. Other post introduce  3 ways to group URLs into one.

Picovico – makes photos to video

Picovico is an online website to give you a help if you want makes your photos to video.

It only needs 4 steps: insert photos, add music, add/ choose a theme then a title to get all stuff done.

PicoVico - home


You can create up to 30 photos in 3 minutes video at 360p resolution. Other questions can see this FAQs.

Application for Education

Students can use the photos to create their video as a presentation. Its  really useful for reporting use.




HP VantagePoint – replace the blackboard in future

Today, I saw news from Engadget about HP and a private school in Taiwan created a “Future Classroom”. You can imagine that all product use what brand. The most catching my eyes is using “HP VantagePoint” as  Blackboard.

Here is what HP described their VantagePoint:

Six HP LD4730G Micro-Bezel Digital Signage Displays arranged in a 3×2 grid that provides an 11-foot wide by 7-foot high experience
a full 132”-diagonal touch surface
up to 32 simultaneous touch points for multi-person, multi-touch interactive applications
ultra high resolution (4098×1536) supporting the next generation of high-definition content

HP VantagePoint - home

As HP claimed, this is “a commercial grade system”. I’m no idea what the price is. It seems it can’t easily see it everywhere. But it should be a good start!

Below I found a video from Engadget:



Presentain – New way to present

Presentain, it is a new way to deploy your presentations.

Presentain - home

After you sign up and upload your PowerPoint(in PDF), you can get a link or QR code to share for your audience.

For Audience: they can type the “PIN” at the presentain website to get your presentation. They can catch up your presentation right on their devices.

For you, as a presenter: You can control the presentation using your smart devices. You can walk around, click and play. The audience’s will have same path with you. What you “Click” They What can “SEE”.

But not like other presentation’s tools, its offer a download presentation function. Also, “presentain” work with Google Drive to store and get your files.

Take a look a tutorials about the demo.

Pholium – Multimedia Photo Album Creator

Pholium – This is an IOS Apps for creating photo album(download here). You can add photos, video. The most interesting is you can also record your voice to introduce your creation (Photos).

Pholium - home

After you made your Photo Album, you can share via Facebook, Twitter. But the best thing is: If your friend also has this app, you can send the album to your friend’s app. Otherwise, they can view it on the web.

Also, Pholium support iCloud and Dropbox as Cloud storage.

All these functions are Free to use.

Application for Education:

Of course, we don’t to print out the Photo book at  school. But , we can use it in learning activities. Student use this apps to organize their work , record with their voice, add video to express complex ideas. All books can deliver to each other and view right on the apps or view online. Here is the description about this function.

Creators of books can easily give their photo e-books to others of their choosing using Pholium’s cloud server and a WiFi connection. Once a book is completed and “published” to the user’s Library, they may give their e-books by entering the recipients’ email addresses. The book is uploaded to the Apple iCloud or Dropbox servers and the recipients are automatically sent an email or push notification (to those recipients who already have Pholium on their iPad) that a book is being given to them. Recipients that do not have an iPad or Pholium, will receive a link to download an online web viewer of the book.

AWW Whiteboard – online interactive whiteboard with embedded function

awwapp – it’s online whiteboard services. It’s function is simple: collaborative whiteboard!

You just simply click the link “start drawing” , then you have a whiteboard to draw. If  you want to share your draw, just click “invite”  and share the link.


awwapp - home

awwapp - colour

awwapp - pencil


Application of Education

It is a great and simple whiteboard services for students. If you using Nearpod as your teaching tools, you can also use it within “share web” function!



Pictaculous – Get your image’s colour palette (Updated)

Pictaculous – No sign up, It’s totally free. This website gives you a convenient way to check your image’s colour palette.

Once you upload your image (i.e. PNG, GIF, JPG), wait for a second, website will show your own palette from the image.

After that, you can download it as .aco (Adobe colour file / Adobe swatch file). This file is used to add colour palette in Photoshop to help your work.

Pictaculous - homePictaculous - colour palette

After I upload the file (thanks doceri), system show the best 5 colour palette at the top. Under the best 5 palette, it has another 10 suggestion from other website.

Now you can download the best 5 colour palette as “Adobe Swatch File”. You can import the “.aco” by double-click it if you installed Photoshop already. You can see the new swatch right on your Photoshop.

pictaculous - before   (Before)    pictaculous  - After (After)

Application for Education

This tool is suitable for students to clarify their Artwork in what colour palette. It helps the designer very much!

(Update ): After testing on iPad, its work. Just tap the blank website bar on iPad, it shows “Take Photo or Video” or “Choose Existing” these two option. Then you can also use this services right on your iPad. Cool!

Quik.io – Alternative way to share files

Quik.io – This is a new service to share your files (Photo, Doc, Videos and Music) from your desktop.

Different from other Cloud storage services, it does not store any your files in the cloud. It only make a way from your computer to your devices, like iPad. The APPS on your iPad will found your files in your computer, then stream it or download it from your computer. It the file type not suitable for iPad viewing. It will convert automatically. It is easy to use and convenient.

After you download and install the APPS on your devices and desktop. You may also need to configure your firewall (probably your Router) to open the port form 38888-39000. (detail from Quik.io forum)

Quik.io - home



Application for Education

I think it is great way to share the teaching materials to student wirelessly. They can view the resources right from their devices. Once teacher add any materials, they can get it immediately! Nice teaching flow!


Coggle – Beautiful Online MindMap Services

Coggle – It’s an online mindmap service. After you sign in with your google account. You can start to create immediately!

coggle - home

Simple and clear UI let you easy to create a mindmap as you want.

Coggle - reg

Basically, you need to know two methods:

1) Press  “+” to create the new and Press “Ctrl” to move/ blend.

2) Hold “Ctrl” and press “X” (at the end of line) to delete

Coggle - design UI

You can 7 colors to create your Mind Map.

Coogle - 7colours

After you finished, you can share to “Facebook” or download it as “PNG” or “PDF”

Coggle - export

My Work 😛

New MindMap

If you want to share with your students or friends, you can copy the link like this. Or enter their email as co-workers.

Application for Education

For teachers, the share link helps you show the MindMap for students in teaching. For students, you can edit your MindMap collaboratively. One more that I found this services is great – its support various language input, like Chinese!

P.S. After testing on my iPad, it works! You can also “touch and move” to blend the line. Also, you can add/delete when you “touch and hold” the line. Redo and Undo also available when you “touch and hold”! Amazing!