OneBox – save your attachments into cloud storage automatically

OneBox is a new cloud services. The concept is OneBox connect your email account and your cloud-based storage services. Once  a new email appears in your account, it will automatically save the attachments into your cloud-based storage, like Dropbox.

Sounds good? Yes, I try it and feel really convenient!

See How’s work:


1) Click ” Try it Now!”



2) Choose the cloud services that you have already signed up.

OneBox.io02 OneBox.io03

3) Get the right to access your “Box”.


4) Then, connect your email account. You can add more than 1 email account. That is, you can connect more than 1 Gmail account.



5) Get the right to access


6) If you want to save your email storage, click this on. OneBox can replace your account’s attachment as link. You can turn off later.



7) If you stop using OneBox, you can follow the steps below.


OneBox.io10 OneBox.io11 OneBox.io12


After using OneBox, your attachments directly drop into your cloud storage. That means it’s automatically sync to your desktop! Must try!




Local Cloud – Your personal Cloud storage on Mac/PC

Local Cloud a new cloud storage concepts powered by Delite studio. The concepts : storage files right on your computer, view and edit on them via mobile devices.

Local Cloud - home

As the screenshot above, you need to install the client program on  your Mac or PC. Both of these are free. Then you need to download your IOS APPS to your iPhone/ iPad which is cost $9.99. I download it on free when they have promotion. You may use “Appshopper” to monitor the sale (web / apps).

After a quick trial, I pretty awesome on their speed. Really fast and smooth. When you view the files through “local Cloud” via your idevices. Local Cloud need to download it first (of course both computer and idevices using the same WiFi network). Then you can view or using other third-party apps to view it. Some of you may concern “Can it use multi-devices at the same time?”, the answer is yes! It suit for classroom use!

Here  is the intro video about Local Cloud:

Application for Education

Local Cloud suitable for classroom (be careful the classroom’s computer ip, static ip is advised). Teachers can save the files/ video on the shared folder of Local Cloud on the PC. Students can use/ download it by themselves. Safe, fast and convenient  ! Offical FAQ is here. – Give a voice comment function on Google Drive gives you a voice comment function on Google Drive. In general, you only type a comment in doc at Google Drive.  - home - Permission

But gives you different. It connects with Google Drive and add voice comment. - record

After testing, I found that the files created by Google Doc like Doc and presentation can be used with (Voice Comment). Also, html files can be used. Unfortunately, documents like docx, pdf cannot be used. That means seems Voice comment ONLY work with Google Doc. As just a new services. I think it will be having improvement later!

As the recording technology seems using Flash, so you can’t use it on your iPad when recording. But you can listen the  voice comment on it. See FAQ for more information.

Application for Education

Using your voice to give comments to students. I think it makes comment more accurate , more suitable for specific students. Students can learn better with improvement.

iDriveSync – Cloud Storage with WEBDAV function

iDriveSync – It’s new cloud storage services. It’s function like Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive and Box.

iDriveSync - home

After you sign in, you can get 10GB! Like other cloud storage services, you can add your storage capacity through “like their Facebook”, “Follow their twitter”, “download the desktop client” and “download the mobile app”. Each activates grant 0.5 GB.

Btw, It’s support WEBDAV function. For What? That means you can download your files from iDriveSync via your keynotes for iPad.




Two Services can hosting your site with Dropbox

I want to introduce two online FREE Services to hosting your own website. Both of these Services are linking with Dropbox.

Yes, It’s Dropbox! Although people may not create their own website anymore, maybe Blog instead. But, it still worth to let student to learn on it. Because creating website need well-planned, it’s a good practice for students.

Both services are easy to handle. First, you need a Free Dropbox account. Second, reg one of the services below. Third, upload/drag your “website” into Dropbox.  Easy?

1) Kissr



2) Site44


Site44 can also run some SWF or Javascript very well. Check this out!