Timelapse – Look and see the world changed

Timelapse offers a new way to look into our world. By the power of  Google, you can search the place and see the different from 1983 up to now.

Timelapse  - home


Timelapse - explore



Now, you can use it to take a research about climate, desert, lake or use of natural resources.


Application of Education

This website provides visual images about same place in different time. Very suitable geography and science student to collect various information on their research topic.

And, it’s Free!



Google Earth v7 – New Earth New Features

Google Earth launched a new version: Google Earth 7.

Google Earth 7 - home

Base on basic features. Google Earth add an NEW “Tour Guide” for ¬†100,000 tours and 1 million photos.

Mostly, your Google Earth version is 6.0.2


After you installed, you will see the “Tour Guide” blow. Otherwise, you can go to “View” to appear.

How to use:

1) From the beginning, you should choose the right “place” (Tour). For example : India.

Google Earth 7 - Choose Country

2) Google Earth will go there (India) automatically.

3) Choose and Click the place to have a tour. For example: Mountain Everest.

Google Earth 7  -  mountain Everest

4) Video vs Photo:

If you found a “time” displayed on the thumbnail, that means it’s a video tour. Otherwise, it’s a photo to take the right place.

Google Earth 7 - Video and Photo